If you could, would you own your own island?

Why would or wouldn’t you?

I guess it would be better than owning someone else’s island.

I would.

Lots of room for horses.

No noisy neighbors.

I want one too. I’ll swim a lap around it every morning :slight_smile:

What do you mean? If someone gave me a free island, sure I’ll take it. If I had the choice to buy the island or do something else with the money, something else would almost definitely be better.

Depends on location and what I could do with it. I’d like a nice piece of remote land, but islands have significant logistic issues for development that you shouldn’t underestimate.

To ohais point, depends. Do I have infinite cash? If I’m a billionaire and I can have a small island in international waters to go all burning man on every year with some pontoon planes and a yacht full of models that would definitely be awesome. If I have tight cash, not so much.

If I had an Island, I’d name it “Noman”. Then I would go around saying “Noman is an island.”

like geo said. huge infrastructure issues. if you had unlimited money you could solve the plumbing, drinking water, food shipments, staffing, lawn maintenance and wildlife control but I think I’d be bored after a while. Buying a slice of an island with neighbours of similar vein and interest would be alright though.

There’s a show on HGTV about people buying islands. It’s a pretty cool show.

You could just choose not to develop it. Yes, it won’t be like Turks & Caicos, but the upside is a super beatuiful, secluded, untouched island in which your law is the only law. Hence the burning man esque parties. If you were that rich, you’d most likely be in with the mega yacht group, which removes need for infrastructure altogether. Put in a few beatiful party areas and you’re all set to rage.

Beyond that, a few rain collecting freshwater tanks and basic sewage wouldn’t be too hard. Add a block of solar panels in a building with a retractable roof and you’re all set.

yeah brah, i wanna island.

I take the “if you could” to mean you’d have enough money to not only buy the island but also cover the bill of the maintaining said island. In that case, sure. Why not?

Having seen many episodes of the HGTV show, there are islands available for many different budgets.

This is all true. The question is, how many guns would you bring?

All the guns!

Yes ladies and gents, money is not a constraint with this decision.

You have money like Gates or Buffet!

I would buy Oak_Island

I guess I’m just not sure what the downside tothis question is? I mean, if money isn’t a constraint, why wouldn’t you own one? Why wouldn’t you own anything?

I would rather buy mountain or forest, not island if money is not constraint and no matter tax or any other impact.

There are many little islands in my country which local individuals (families) own, anyway 7 m distance from the sea level is always public good.

Croatia - Little islands