If you don't make your bed in the morning

You’re a gross human being.

Change my mind.

I’d rather be a gross human being than sisyphus. It just seems so…pointless to make my bed every day when I’m going to immediately ruin it the next day. It’s not like the sheets are dirty, or that I care about wrinkles or anything. I just need it to keep me warm while I sleep

i agree with schopen. i dont fix my bed daily. but i do clean my sheets weekly. which is prolly more important. only 44% clean their sheets once or twice a month. thats how gross people are.

read this

Agreed – clean sheets feel great, and dirty sheets/pillows are a great way to get acne.

You rack a disciprin’

I have a hard time picturing anybody who’s ever amounted to anything and had any real demands in their lives outside of some military knob making their bed in the morning. Then again, I feel that way about pet owners. Great way to be a peon your whole life. Wow, do none of you clowns have the discipline to re-tie your shoes after you take them off each night? Like others said, use the time you saved to make sure your sheets are clean.

This is why I don’t make my bed.



My wife is usually still sleeping when I leave, so I’d have to wrap her in the bed together.

true. but honestly i would only fix something if im trying to impress someone.

whats the purpose of fixing something if im the only 1 who will see it.

i dont care about that shizzz. im not abou tthat life.

to be fair it only take like a min to do it! i got a really big comforter that really doesnt move. 2 pillows and a hotdog pillow.

Elon Musk sleeps in the Tesla factory despite having 15 mansions. I doubt he makes his bed.

Nery, does gripping the big hot dog help you sleep? Don’t have to be shy.

I sleep under the stars with the cool night air as my blanket.

Dust mites are essential for strengthening our immune systems though.

There are worse things that may be living in your bed sheets especially if you are an NYC resident.

Exactly, I’m a degenerate - so the joke is actually on the dust mite. . ha,ha?