If you failed today......

i wanted to share with you my story to give you hope.

i failed last year miserably. around 15th percentile of all candidates. roughly a 32 on the essay and a 61 ish on the MC.

this year i got around the 95th percentile, around a 71 on essay and 79 on MC.

i can assure you im not smarter this year than last, i just studied better and used @s2000magician’s grading service.

keep your head up, if you made it to L3, i dont think you will fail more than once.

I just failed miserably this time

And cleared Levels 1 and 2 in one go

Please share your strategies

I just feel like dying

I’m sure CFA institute will still find you in the afterlife. So dying probably isn’t an ideal solution.

in fairness, i left almost 40 essay points blank last year to get that 15th percentile. had in answered all 180, i probably still fail, but i think its much closer.

my advice to you would be do every single mock you can get your hands on. finish the reading 8 weeks out. start mocking 6 weeks out. use s2000magicians grading service.


I failed twice on level 3, twice band 10, that was brutal for me.

My strategy was mark meldrum and his tips, i completely overlooked essay structure and thought it was common sense (the format for constructed response). clearly I lacked the common sense then as I wasn’t answering the question or providing the answers in a timely fashion to give the graders what they want.

I did great in the essay this year, something I did terribly in over my last two attempts. MCQ are fine, aced those so if you’re doing the same, clearly you know the stuff

Hahaha not if you got a US or UAE passport :wink: just trying to inject some humor in what is an already pretty depressing topic of failure. I know when I failed twice for L3 in 2016 and 2017 i felt like death as well.

I think the more stuff you read the worse it will become. I read just schweiser notes, revise them over 5 times and do 3-4 mocks and revise those mocks too. I scored descent 90 pc in essays. So revision is the key.

Hi TommyJohn,

Could you please share your advice with me.

This year was my first attempt, I studied really hard for 8 months. My feeling was I know everything. I practiced past 2010-2018 AM sessions + Schweser mocks.

However, I failed, AM session 35 (30th percentile) and PM session 80 (around 80th percentile). I was pretty confident in my AM responses and end result totally shocked me.

Is there any key to answer AM? maybe key words they are looking for?

As of now I am totally unaware what mistakes I made in AM and I don’t know how to approach it next time. Feeling is that if I take next year, I might still fail AM, because in my opinion responses I made were correct. I just don’t know what went wrong.

There should be some guidance on how to pass AM and simply practicing past papers + mocks didn’t help me this time.

On a separate note, who is s2000magician? How can I buy his grading service and maybe video lectures?

Thanks and good luck!

Nobody knows. It’s like a secret identity. Or something.

Grading: http://www.financialexamhelp123.com/product/cfa-level-iii-morning-practice-exam-grading-session/

Videos: none yet, but they’re in the works

Exactly in the same situation…unfortunately

I know what you are saying

Magician would you be hiring?


Alas, no.

I hate hiring people mainly because I have very specific ways that I like to do things, and it frustrates me immensely when I give a job to someone else and they do it differently. I’m not saying that what they’re doing is wrong – often it isn’t – but it’s not my style.