If you finish all problems in SchweserPro, can you pass?

assumptions: (1) you learned from your mistakes and reinforced the ones that you made the correct choice. (2) you didn’t read any CFA curriculum or Schweser notes The chances to pass is: A: >80% B: 70-80% C: 60-70% D: 50-60% E: <50% Sorry I realize that the exam only give 3 choices and I have 2 extra here. Thank you.


My guess is D due to assumption 2. (2) you didn’t read any CFA curriculum or Schweser notes??? Swaption, I’m told Qbank is not a helpful exam simulation since it lacks the item sets. What is your take on it?

Out of the total 4K+ questions in QBank, I think around 1K should be good and that comprise the ‘difficult-level’ questions only. And they come up in Vignette format too. So on an average 1000/6 vignettes - 167 should be a good enough practice. I am gonna install and start QBank in 2nd week of April. I am hoping to get done with the readings before that. L2 is a life taker…

Dude without reading I would say your chances are low. But if you’re just getting started now, I suppose that would be your best strategy (do all Qbank w/no reading or very minimal reading).

Schweser questions are way easier than what is on the exam. i would guess D. at least take the CFAI sample AND mock exam that they put out. last year this helped me tremendously with Ethics. the way they asked the ethics questions in CFAI level one sample and mock was almost identical to the way they asked it on the exam.

A… greater than 80%. IF you have done all of the problems AND know what you did wrong AND understand the concepts behind them, you will pass. there are like 4,000 questions in that sucker, if you can work them all and know how they work, you should be fine… In level I, Morning Sesssion of exam = tougher side of qbank questions Afternoon session of exam = Rambo like war zone… From what I hear, last yrs level II was the same… So i basically think you can get thru the first half of the exam and do very well, if you know how to do 4,000 qbank questions. then on the 2nd half, you will only have to get like 50% right to pass…

Thank you guys, there’s not much time left. I’ll focus on SchweserPro and maybe do a few pages reading to understand why I’m wrong with some of the problems. I’ll let you know whether I pass or not in early August

you sound like my wife. she hasn’t read any text - just Q bank

goel_ar Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you sound like my wife. she hasn’t read any text - > just Q bank Really? You and your wife both are taking the CFA??? I’m wondering your kids will be speaking FSA before they start with ma and pa :wink: