If you got a divorce


If you’re a wealthy philanthroper, teacher, banker and you get married, your wife quits her job and brings up the kid and then 10yrs down the line you catch her with your best mate and you get divorced.

How much benefit should you pay them? Do you think you should pay her maintenance and benefit for life based upon her unearned earnings? What if she was a lawyer earning 6-figures and quite her job to bring up the kids?

What you reckon?

It would depend on circumstances of the actual divorce. I mean if she’s flat out leaving me for other dudes then she’s on her own more or less. If we’re splitting because things just aren’t working I’d still look out for her.

She got away still alive. That seems like a fair deal to me.

^ respect

That’s why you’ll never be a family court judge (well, the lack of a law degree probably plays a small part too).

Judges don’t mete out justice. Bchad does. He’s the hero we deserve, and the one we want.

She cheats on me (and is dumb enough to get caught) she doesn’t deserve a dime of my money. I don’t care what her earning potential is or was. Now whether or not a court would agree with me is a whole different matter.

That’s a very un-bchad-like response. I could see CFAvsMBA writing that.

The plot thickens…

Unfortunately, an entirely different matter.