If you had a little more time...

Now that you’ve taken level 1 and you’re recollecting on the time you spent on each section. What would you study more or study less if you had another month or so to prepare? As someone who is taking the test in December, I’m just curious how I can best utilize the next 6 months.

I would study all definitional items

I would focus on the basics…read the notes I have from page to page , over and over…not try to rack my brain solving questions of a very high level of difficulty and not worry about them too much. Basically I would take schweser q bank and and solve it atleast one time over. Also , I would make sure I know the secret sauce like eminem knows “stan”

well, apparently I needed to know every line of the economics text. Silly me… wtf. its really the only section that I can say I didn’t dedicate enough review time to. I remember being comfortable with the topics EARLY ON. But once all the curves and definitions came together it was just one big mind *&^#. If I don’t pass because of other sections, so be it. But I really hope it doesn’t just come down to eco. It would be a real hearbreak.

Read more definitions. I went wayyyy too deep. Changed a lot of easy definition questions because I didn’t study them. Didn’t think that they would ask such basic questions… Ahhhhh

Coming from a Finance degree, with a hatred for accounting, (and didnt take many in university due to that hatred), I really focuse on ratios. I had them all memorized, but that’s not enough. (I failed in December). This time I made sure to understand each of them, and how they affect other things. Helped alot.