If you had one week, where would you go pt.2

I thought I’d expand on the other thread, because it was unimaginative. Anyhow: If you had one week to live (lets assume you have no family to tie you down) and a credit card you obviously have no intentions of paying, where would you go? Edit: Also, which bank would you take out that credit card from just for spite?

Southeast Asia, Phillipines, Vietnam, or Thailand for sightseeing obviously.

Greece/Croatia/Turkey/Portugal/North Italy/Nice/Monaco Then throw the card in the ocean as you pull out of the Monaco harbor, in a yacht.

North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq

6th sense tennis academy at Belgium!

Turkey and Morocco - I’ve always wanted to go so what better chance to soak up the culture and nightlife, maybe spend a night camping in the desert under the stars…

Brazil for Carnival/Paris or Prague in Europe for nightlife/Tel Aviv, Israel for experience/ Dubai or Moscow for fun.

Ni hao, China baby…I’m there right now! xie xie!

The Himalayas.


CFACurse Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hell. That you will go for sure after your death but BS wants to know where he can go and comeback in a week.

Hong Kong, Hianan, Macau.

http://stylecrave.com/2009-05-15/luxury-hotels-10-of-the-worlds-most-expensive-resorts/ pick one of the above and then enjoy rest of the week away from this world.

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