If you had to choose one sector

If your employer told you to choose one sector to follow equities for the next year, what would you pick?

Adult entertainment

So… Discretionary?

Alternative Energy or Large Cap Tech

That is not discretionary, that is a consumer staple!

Good stuff…

JDV – Would you say that Adult Entertainment has relatively inelastic demand?

This says no: http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/quickchart/quickchart.asp?symb=pla&sid=0&o_symb=pla Tradedown is a big problem!

Hmmm… kind of a small sample size. Too bad Larry Flynt Publications isn’t publicly traded.


Can you pick Financial Institutions Group (FIG)? Seems like there is much to learn and many changes to come in the financials - would be interesting.

Any sector is up for grabs. The only problem is that I like them all except for Telecom.

A I R L I N E S.

doworkson Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > This says no: > > http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/quickchart/quickc > hart.asp?symb=pla&sid=0&o_symb=pla > > Tradedown is a big problem! He didn’t say “invest in it”. He said “follow”, i.e., “do research in”. I think tipping back a few martinis with Hef while continuing my “market underperform” rating would be a fine career.



cjones65 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Any sector is up for grabs. The only problem is > that I like them all except for Telecom. Cool - maybe pick energy and make up some excuse / find some conference in Brazil to attend and party down there.

Trucking OEMs We have already been in a trucking recession for more than two years. Truckers cant put off buying trucks forever - 5 year useful life (500k miles)…after that costs increase exponentially. Orders are lower than the last trough = pent up demand. This is an asset replacement story. my 2 cents.

Ricks cabaret - rick I would want to cover medical device manufacturers or chemical companies with a slant towards drug manufacturing