If you had to choose one, would you choose EOC's or Konvexity?

I’m a retaker. I did EOC’s last year. This year I decided to spend more time on Finquiz and then pick off blue boxes and text book reading as needed when I didn’t get questions right. Now in the last week I want to switch it up a little bit because some of the posts on this forum make me think that sticking to just Finquiz may not be a good idea. (Overall, so far I am happy with what Finquiz has done for me). If you were in my shoes would you go with Konvexity and go over topics that are tough, or go over EOCs from tough topics (Assuming also that money is irrelevant)? Thanks!

I actually just bought konvexity yesterday and I did one of the sets of questions (FRA)


Price (cheaper than other 3rd party material) Item sets (Other 3rd party material do not have item sets, just individual questions)


They advertise 30 different sets of questions but they only have 18 as of now. The solutions are sometimes incorrect. For example, I had to calculate a ratio. The correct denominator was 558 but they used 588 in the solutions so you have to be careful.

Not sure how I actually feel about this product. On the one hand, it’s 1/5 of the price of other 3rd party but on the other hand, the errors in the solutions really irks me. I will be attempting the mocks this weekend.

EDIT: Taking back incorrect solutions.

how many FinQuiz mocks have u done so far?

Hei.so - thanks!

hina naz- will have done 3 total in the next few days. And about 1,200 of finquiz qbank questions (Which I have caught a few errors in).

I would suggest all EOCs again. Konvexity is very good, so if you have time I would suggest Konvexity for a couple of days and then close out with all EOCs just before the exam. My fear is that when we take extremely difficult ones, we might get so tuned to it that we might miss the simple ones. This is what I plan to do.

If you have to choose between FinQuiz and Konvexity, Konvexity is way better. It tests you on concepts and the style is ‘smooth and devastating’ (if you do not pay attention), just like the CFA.

Thank you for your input. Does anyone think Finquiz is better than Konvexity?

konvexity is good … i know this … it really destroys u …

FinQuiz … i will find out in a couple of days … as i plan to do one mock of it

FinQuiz is very good if you want to drill the concepts (that way it is better than Kaplan) but at this juncture I would not go to FinQuiz. This is time to consolidate all that we know, with maybe a few things which we can pick along the way.

I’m leaning towards doing EOC’s my final week instead of Konvexity or Finquiz based on your opinion. thanks

the blue boxes are very important… some of the blue boxes and examples have concepts which are not repeated in the EOC