If you had to make a new username what would it be ?

Discuss if you had to change your username what would it be ? Discuss please

tank. plz advice6 amiright

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Silky Johnson, you mark ass trick.

  1. Promising Alpha Because, CFA
  2. TheGreatFASB

beat me 2 it.

Tank. Tank Sir.

Buck Naked of course. Thick Dick McGee would be the backup name.

you married to **** McGee? I once knew a **** McGee…huge ****.


I had a Chick-fil-A sandwich for the first time recently. I don’t understand the hype. The sandwich wasn’t anything special and the fries were bad.

wattttt Image result for gasp gif I had fries and 2 CFA sandwiches yesterday delicious

I can’t believe no one has said the classic handle: “amirite6”

what about this ?

I suppose it could be relative. Like, that’s how they normally make chicken where I come from, and other places just suck at it, so a Chick-fil-A to them is really good.

i ate cfa every Tuesdays at ms/hs. it was served for lunch on like mondays. cfa is as popular as in-n-out in cali.



taken, my dude

gonna have to change to:


No, no, I know, it’s just you see…there was this other thread, it’s a joke…and, um…forget it…

no worries, brosef


I registered that one on Reddit a few months back just in case.