If you had to pick a mutual fund now for the best 2-year return, what would you pick?

Thanks guys.

My picks are: CGM Funds and Fairholme based partly on their terrible 2011 perf and looks like they are killing it this year.

Those were the first two I thought of before I actually read your post. I have nothing to add!

I like TGBAX.

This is a tough question. Ivy Asset Strategy or any other “go anywhere” fund is always going to be a contender if they hit their macro calls. Otherwise we’d have to get the category and manager correct…really tough call.

I like FAIRX too. Bruce needs to get out of financials at some point though.

If things get way worse, it could be a ultra-long Treasury fund.

ING Russia had some big years back in the day, too!

I’m gonna go with my boy Bruce at Fairholme

Francis Chou @ Chou Funds…