If you haven't finished the readings...

I have been reading posts on AF and it seems that majority of folks here have finished their readings atleast once if not more. Feeling very far behind at the moment, are there others like myself who are still trying to finish reading the material for the first time? I am currently finishing up debt securities and have the last volume left to read. If you haven’t finished yet, where do you stand and what will be your study plan from here till June 6th? Your feedback is very much appreciated!

I am still trying to finish up my 1st reading…had plans to finish it in April but somehow…just fell ill. Currently on Debt Securities…SS15. Trying to do it fast but now feeling stressed up. Plan to finish my readings once and then spend 5-6 days revising everything before I can sit for the cfa sample exam and revaluate where i stand. Hope all this happens to be before 15th May so that I have half a month to cover the weak areas and revaluate myself again… All the best to you too.

Hank, I think the reason why you feel that everybody has finished is because mostly only people who finished will be talking about their finishing, review, and mock/ sample exams. Otherwise, very few will speak about it… you for example :slight_smile: As far as me, today I am on Swaps. However, I didn’t touch Ethics and I really need to re-read economics and quan becasue I didn’t review them at all. So, basically, I am planning to finalize two weeks before D day where I will tackle the sample and mock exams. PS to all: no need for comments on how late I am…

I am currently finishing up as well, I have Corp Finance left and a quick review of FSA. I plan to be done by the end of this weekend, review everything over the following week with some Qbank, then hit a Schweser test or two and start my review. That should give me 3 weeks of questions before the test, and I feel ok about that. Granted more time would be preferable, but I lost a couple of weeks due to wedding, honeymoon, home purchase, and probably a bit of slacking as well. Bottom line is everyone still has time as long as you focus from here on out…I mean if you put in 3hrs a day you could dump another 100hrs in prior to the exam.

Thanks guys for all of your feedback, I started with enough time to be done before May but full-time work and other commitments took toll on me. After reading all the posts I just wanted to see if there were others in a similar position such as mine or if I was among the very few who were still scrambling to finish the readings. Thanks once agian for sharing your progress!

oh this is a relief. i have ethics and economics too to go. i was panicking. Realistically i think I will only have two weeks of doing questions. I have schweser CDs which i down loaded to my MP3 player. It has been quiete helpful since i listen to even what i have not studed yet when I am driving or waiting for something.

Econ can take awhile to get thru, Ethics you can do in a day of reading and then just hammer on questions to cement it and then review it again before the exam…You can make it thru Econ in a week and have decent time to do your review