if you held all the power in the world, would you be a nepotist? is nepotism truly that bad?

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I for sure would.

same my dude! should we really blame a person for self preserving his dna at the expense of others. i sure wouldnt!


No, Nery. With power comes responsibility. When you adopt these otherworldly powers, I’d recommend that you appoint trusted advisors like Hillary Clinton to ensure that the needs of the people are served, and also for your eye candy.

but cant you appoint a family member then have another person that’s capable advising them. so your family gets all the glory while someone capable does all the work. lol

Like if I were ruler of the seven kingdoms? I would definitely be a nepotist. Gotta have peeps close to you that you can trust.

You know first thing Nery will do is institute cuckolding rights over all his subjects.

lol i mean how is nepotism different from inherited wealth? its the same shit. nepotism is taking care of your children first!

as for prima nocte! its a cool idea until you get in between a brave strong top man like mel gibson and his bone!

you guys see what caligula did on netflix!! such a dude

I for sure would, it would be very hard not to.

Well yeah probably, but since I’m not in that position, I’m going to continue making fun of people who got to the top via nepotism.

Meh, I don’t see the appeal other than trying to ruin your child. If you have that much going for you and your kid still can’t get ahead you have bigger problems.

maybe the kid is slow. In any case I will still stack the deck for him

In your case, definitely likely on all fronts. What interest rate are you charging them tho?

Ultimately I’ve seen enough of those to know they just end up being set back. They don’t develop the right skills or toughness and they wind up underperforming their entire lives or worse. Definitely see a disproportionate number of those types complaining about their issues, blaming their parents for everything or other emotional problems later. Plus weak idiots annoy me, so the idea of raising my kid to be one seems unattractive.

A lot of these USC scandal kids are great examples. The parents got used to stacking the deck, eventually the kid wound up being an incompetent idiot and by the time it became clear they’d made an enormous mistake, you have people like the CEO of PIMCO whose kid had every potential opportunity reduced to bribing his kid into a second tier school and getting put on blast for it. Now his kid hates him like the rest of the kids/parents that got caught up in this. With a little parenting that all could have been avoided. Same deal with that whiny real housewives chick.

I know a lot of similar stories personally as well, its almost a cliche. You just end up raising a dependent and screwing them over in the process because you didn’t do your job.

just to be clear, it is a scandal because they bribed an individual vs say bribing the school with a donation. But everyone is cool with donations even though both cases are equally stacking the deck.

Also I find it ridiculous that you wouldn’t help your kid. I’m pretty sure ur not going to donate all ur money to welfare when you die. Tough love is important but irrespective you’re still going to make sure they have every advantage.

Donations go to the school itself and improve the student body. They are also orders of magnitude larger (meaning outsized benefit to student body) and done through a system. Those donations often work to open up opportunities or improve facilities for the other students. These people did none of that. So, obvious false dichotomy and embarrassingly poor reasoning as per usual.

The last paragraph is entirely inconsistent with itself, no sentence implies the others. No, I have no intent to offer “every advantage” and creating those advantages as demonstrated really helps no one long run (again, seeing why you think your DNA will need this). So I’m helping my kid by not doing that. Lastly, this thread is about nepotism, which is not the same as saying you would never help your kid in any scenario or are committed to donating all of your money to charity (although I do fall in the Buffett camp of small inheritances only). Again, classic false dichotomy.

Alright guys, let’s just agree that nepotism encourages slacking.