If you were born today....

If you were born today, were would you like to be born?


Me, I know too little about the world to make a choice. But from what I heard, it would be Bhutan :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting question. I’ve seen Ian Bremmer speak a couple of times and he’s an impressive guy. I think he picks good choices here.

Like he says, it’s hard not to initially pick an already developed nation as you will are most likely to have a comfortable lifestyle. But there is something to be said for growing up in an emerging economy (such as India) that is probably going to be continuously improving throughout your life.

Or else go for the unusual choice like Bhutan. If I was going that route, tropical island could be nice.

North Pole.


The problem I see with choosing a developing country is it’s very difficult to correctly predict which one will actually develop and will develop into someplace you’ll actually like.

^Why wait for development? I’ll take Europe or Canada anyday. Iran? Come on Bremmer.

You only get to choose location and not race? I’d still go with any of the top 10 zip codes in America over anywhere else on the planet.

This is a pick that is obviously somewhat biased, but I’d pick Minneapolis or Denver, among cities I’ve been to. Fairly progressive cities in left leaning states with enough conservative balance to hopefully avoid rampant socialism. Both are large(ish) metropolitan areas but feature a ton of developable land so that overcrowding isn’t a problem within the next 50-75 years. Diverse industries provide ample job opportunities as well as some insulation from economic collapse. Sports teams, theaters, museums, a commitment to parks and trails and that sort of thing makes it compatible with my lifestyle. The climate could be better, and if any amount of global warming does occur, it will be. I’m sure there are some Canadian cities that can claim these criteria, but I’ve never been there and while it’s not relevant to daily life, I’d hate to be part of a monarchy.

haha no chance a southie boy like Bremmer would ever choose to live in Iran, bank on that.

For all you Iranian women, come to America, we treat women very well and will appreciate your beauty.

^^ Denver is also a good place to be when the zombie apocalypse comes. Scientists have theorized that zombies won’t do well in the high mountains.

If you come from a developing country, you might feel that your life is improving due to higher observable levels of economic improvement. That’s part of why people in many developing countries report higher happiness levels than people in developed countries. In absolute terms, you would still be indefinitely catching up to people in developed countries of course.

Bremmer can talk about living in poorer countries because he has no material needs. Had he grown up on an income of $10k based on purchasing power parity, his opinion might be different.

i’m pretty happy where i’m in canada. if i had to choose anywhere else, i’d probably pick norway as you get buttloads of money just for being norweigan. or maybe be born an Emerati and get the perks that come with that.

Exactly what I thought!

Nothing stops us from discussing about the race :slight_smile: Lets start there, which race would you prefer?

As for me - any race which is not discriminated FOR or AGAINST is perfectly fine! Neither do I want to feel self sympathetic nor do I want to feel better about myself than i deserve.

I would like to be born in Cuba (but with Croatian personal income), LOL!