If you were to pass level II this june where would that rank in your life accomplishment ranking?

I feel like having passed in december and having studied only since march and how not confident i am i would rank this potential pass on top or very close to it compared to any other accomplishement i have had in my life!

I think this test is so tough both in terms of material and commitment as well as mentally tough!

passing L2 was one of my more difficult accomplishments in life

It would definitely rank up there… Definitely number 1 in education accomplishments…

Probably the highest as far as accomplishments. In hindsight, the formula for passing was just a matter of a solid plan, and commiting the time to execution. Although getting the emotional ducks in a row to be driven to follow through is not always easy (for anything in life, really).

Passing level 2 ranks very low on my list of life accomplishments. It’s behind every piece of hot ass I’ve ever gotten, high school football games won, 25 foot birdie puts made, and naps taken in the afternoon.

It was still harder than all those things, just not something I am nearly as proud of. An accomplishment need not be difficult in my lazy opinion.

#1 since birth, all inclusive.

#1 for sure