If you're having a bad day - just watch this guy

dude is hilarious credit: GOAB post from music thread toolook toolook toolook da da da I’m gonna start doing the gator arm clap with the bird flying away in fingers at the club sometime - what a move [video:https://youtu.be/vTIIMJ9tUc8]

Really brings me back to last millenia.

What a fucking mystery this video is. How can he summon fireballs? Why are there so many clones of him?

what the heck did i just watch

You just got memed :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was a proof of two things:

  1. A good mustache reigns king internationally

  2. 5 clones of said mustache dancing around is hilarious

So you understand what this guy is saying?

Holy crap the hits are endless


I remember seeing that video years ago.

Hah this was India’s “Can’t Touch This” in terms of popularity if you grew up there in the 90s.

I dunno anyone in India who knows deler or listens to punjabi pop. that fool deadmau5 brought him to a concert in Delhi once thinking it would be a cool idea and everyone is like who the f is this guy…