IFA Insurance Strategy

My Insurance advisor pitched me this and it seems like a good strategy keeping in mind my long time horizon (I am in mid-30’s). I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this and care to share their feedback

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Go study.

I had to Google this and nothing came up except a company called IFA Insurance which had shockingly bad reviews.

Also, OP, please don’t spam the boards. This is the third time you’ve asked this question. I deleted your duplicate thread in Investments. I may delete this one, but there’s a good chance we go off-topic and something funny will happen.

If it veers into a tale of drunken debauchery or has adorable puppies, I wanna hear it!!! :+1:

BTW, I know what OP is talking about, but I want him to devote his efforts to studying or stories about cute puppies or drunken devil worship, wife swapping, etc. I will not sully the Water Cooler with other nonsense.

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Totally adorbz!!! Gets me right in the feelz!! That’s more like it!!! :+1: :heart: