IFRS vs GAAP spreadsheet

could anyone please send the spreadhseet for differences between IFRS and GAAP that rus1bus was sending around… it would be much appreciated thanks. mswhoriskey@gmail.com

aaa2782@hotmail.com thanks





Please send it to me as well: aly dot somji at gmail dot com Thank you!

can you please send it to me to! roadster19@aol.com

Can you please send it to me as well?! candapip@yahoo.com Thanks a lot!!! John

Can you also send it to me: ryan . bahe at gmail . com Thanks you!

Hi, Just starting study towards level 1 and looked at this and thought this would be really useful when I get to this section, any chance of sending me a copy? stephen.todd@blackswancapital.uk.com I would really appreciate it Thank you

Would appreciate as well, many thanks philipscarol@yahoo.co.uk

I would really appreciate it bigspydee@gmail.com

Could you send it to me as well? zderoj@gmail.com Thanks!


Please could I have it as well? at karine_larrieu@yahoo.co.uk Thank you.



mustafa.m84@gmail.com Thanks

Any one who has this spreadsheet could you PLEASE send it to me. It is such waste of time remembering these differences raj7s@yahoo.com