IFRS vs US GAAP comprehensive summary

So I browsed through the curriculum and mapped most relevant differences and similarities. If there are problems/ommissions let me know I will update it.


Under A 2 GAAP: is it lower of cost or market

Under C 4 a b GAAP ; can u detail the treatment? Tx

Thanks krokodilizm.

Right, it’s market (which is vey close to NRV, but not necessarily the same). I’ll give it some time to collect more errata and correct in batches.

I tried to keep it as concise as possible for quick reference. Then realized some aspects are really twisted. Although I gave some insights to the treatment procedure I guess it don’t make much sense on its own. That is why I indexed the table so anybody can track it down to the curriculum for details. If you are using the ebook version of the curriculum the search function (Ctrl+F) is really helpful to pinpoint your queries.


Finally you will become an accountant…LOL!

Thumbs up for your willigness and this spreadsheet may help to many candidates. yes

Very nice. Thanks for putting this together and sharing Krok.

I will become a programmer like this, condensing the curriculum into databases and binary matrices:)

Fine. Then I’d like to see matrix for CIR, Vasicek & Ho Chi Minh model and Credit Rating/Score, Structural and Reduced form models:)

This is awesome. Do you have one for gains and losses or general classification of where items fit into (I/S or OCI etc)?

It’s the Ho Lee fook model.

Thanks for the list Krok. Can anyone find any more discrepancies with this list and the curriculum other than Gaap inventory measurements? I’m going to memorise this list now.