IFT Crash Course

Please share your experience with the IFT crash course. Is it worth it now? I am considering it to refresh my memory on all topics by watching summary videos specially things that I first studied.

I have bought it and it seems very useful.

I personally prefer videos to notes.

The total duration is 10 hours but you can fast pace and check it

Disclaimer : no commercial relations with IFT :slight_smile:

I subscribed to the IFT Crash Course and I think it would still be worth it at this point. There’s about 10 hours of review video, and all the slides are downloadable which can make for nice review notes. I personally use the videos for audio (I converted them to MP3s but since then Arif has done the same so audio is downloadable) during my daily work commute. A lot of the review videos are reading off his slides so they work quite well for audio. Arif has clearly studied the past AM exams and he gives quite a bit of his opinion through the videos as to what he thinks is highly testable.

The real bonus of the course comes from the AM exam question review videos though. Having a 3rd party going through the logic of solving an AM question has been a really nice supplement to the guideline answers for me personally.

There are also a couple of mock exams available that I’m not sure that I will get to and a lot of other notes and material. It’s a very good value in my opinion and a nice supplement to the curriculum.

I find the videos to be worth it as well, high level but nice way to refresh a topic in 20-30 minutes.