IFT instead of curriculum

Hi guys, for those using IFT material what do you think of reading the notes instead of CFA Curriculum, I know that any third party material beat the curriculum but given limited time I think IFT Notes are the most close to the curriculum. Please let me know your thoughts

A good acid-test for the quality of the notes is after you study through it, you should be able to ask most of the questions (whether it’s EOC, online CFA quizzes, etc…).

I have no experience using IFT but I thought I should just mention that.

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Relying on IFT videos only and practicing lots of questions. No curriculum, no IFT notes

:fearful: risky strategy, but it may work, good luck

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Used same strategy for level 1 and 2 and passed with first attempt

Well you’re very smart then

No I’m not. IFT videos cover everything to pass.

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Level II IFT user, and passed level III on first attempt WITHOUT using IFT video (although I purchased the video). Overall by simply studying the video is a risky bet for Level III.