IFT Mock exams feedback

Are they worth buying, I mean I find Schweser to be much quantitative but TTs and Mock on the other hand are pretty qualitative and drilling down the concepts.

Will IFT be much closer to the real exam, retakers might comment.

I havent looked at the mocks but I know for sure that IFT has 2 Qbanks. The second of the two have many many questions that have exactly shown up in the TTs on CFAI. Just the numbers are different.

I bought the package for this year. I am not sure yet about definitive results as far as how well they prepared me for the actual exam (we will see in about exactly 170 hours :slight_smile: ) and I do not have any comparison other than CFAI Mocks (so no Schweser etc.)

I will say however, in absolute terms, I think they do prepare you well and if notanything else, they provide a fresh set of questions if you have gone through everything else already, for a reasonable price.

I bought these yesterday and just finished exam 1. IMO the questions are garbage(both the way that they’re asked and the answers explaining them), and there are some major areas that aren’t covered. For example, there wasn’t a single quantitative question on the entire first exam about FCFF or FCFE. I’d say you can take it to the bank that those will be covered on the real exam. By far the worst mock that I’ve taken, and have done about 10 thus far, from multiple different sources.

Just my 2 cents.

I actually disagree with the above. I think the IFT mocks are very good and cover all areas very well. they are similar to EOC and topic test in wording. You just have to do all 3 to get the full scope of all the different questions.

I bought them yesterday. I took 14 sets today morning(running a 78% here), looks like pretty close to the real stuff.

I agree Ethics are pretty straightforward WRT what we see in TTs. But there were many surprises in the exam. Till now I averaged 90%+ in all quants I took, and this one got me back to 50%, probably the best set possible to construct from the last chapter and I did not bother much about it till this happened. The Fixed Income set(2nd one) was little unconventional. It’s true that questions in the sets are not covering full syllabus, (like the PM section was heavily biased to Investment theories) but it’s good to be exposed before the real thing happens.

Time to listen to Prof Meldrum :slight_smile:

I have done Schweser, Boston, IFT mocks. IFT Mocks are easiest. Schweser mocks (Vol 2) are the most difficult (because of the wording).

In mock 3, it seems there are some wrong questions.