IFT Mocks any good?

Hi, i was planning to buy IFT mocks for practice over the next two days, primarily for fixed income. Actually, solely for fixed income.

I want to see the kind of questions they think are important for AM. FI in past CFAI papers seems to test a lot of presumably unimportant stuff from the current curriculum perspective.

I have heard IFT mocks are too easy, and L2 IFT mocks were indeed quite simple.

Would you recommend them?

Thanks for your input!


They’re the best. Really, they’re beautiful, stunning. But I’d start with the FinQuiz sluts first.

My experience with the 2018 IFT Level III mock exams (#2 and #3) is that the fixed income questions are primarily reworked versions of blue box examples from the curriculum.

I’ve graded over 65 of them.

They are a combination of blue box and EOC just reworded. Definitely worth doing to strengthen concepts. However, they aren’t the most difficult ones that will ask you a question in a weird way to test if you really understand the material.

Thank you for your inputs! Really helps.

Do Finquiz one week before the exam? I admire your strong mental power. :wink:

What’s your beef with Finquiz?

It’s just very hard.