IFT Videos - any use?

While preparing for Level 1 - I used some some of the free IFT videos and found them useful to firm up the concepts.

As there is no free video (only trial) for Level II, Has anyone used /puchased these videos for Level 2 and things they are useful to buy?

IMO - Forking out $250 is bit high for those videos…

Videos are useful to get grips core concepts

thanks for your feedback, anyone else who has used IFT videos for Level 2…

probably i should open a thread in L3 forum

I used them in 2012 for Fixed Income and found it quite good. The videos can be a bit long, is the only downside IMHO. (Unless you have a problem with Asian accent. For that was not a problem as Typical Indian and Pakistani accents are same).

It’s worth it.

Kingfisher I have used them and they are good… Though I failed band 10. It was just because of my fault. This year I have to work on all EOCs what I have not done completely in 2014…

I got the suggestion to go for Elan Videos and Elan Study Material and even I feel the same way to go for Elan this year… If you need my opinion choose Elan over IFT…

Since I got that suggestion from most pass outs candidates… However I would use both…


I think videos for individual topics are also availabe. I suggest you to pay for individual subjects which you find hard. That way you can save your money.

IFT videos helped me a lot in CFA level I. They alone were useful to grasp a concept. Same can be hoped for level 2.

Elan video is very helpful for me to pass level II. It is long and more in depth. But, you can fastforward sometime. Peter is an awesome teacher! It is sad that they don’t have level III video.


IFT’s are good, but I think he oversimplifies everything. Well, maybe it’s only me.

do the Elan Videos feature Peter Olinto alone???

Nope. There is another instructor named Basit who does a good job at lecturing as well.

There are so many of those who publish CFA videos,thinking i should start going that as well :slight_smile:

hey Juz4fun…by when do the elan videos come out??? got an idea


Basit’s not as dynamic as Peter, but he knows his stuff.

If I remember correctly, I immediately had an access to the online videos for the topics that did not change when I bought around November last year. But, I had to wait until around March/April for all videos to be released.