IFT Videos - Level I and Level II

Hi all!

I had such an amazing experience with IFT video lectures that I wanted to put up a post regarding my experience for anyone considering taking the CFA Level I or Level II exams and are looking for a exam prep provider.

I found Mr. Irfanullah to be a phenomenal teacher due to his ability to take all the complicated concepts in the CFA program and present them in such an understandable manner. When i took the Level I exam, I had initially bought the Wiley (Elan at the time) video lectures and study notes - while i do find the study notes useful, I was having trouble understanding the concepts at a deeper more foundational level and actually started thinking that I had made a mistake and was way out of my league pursuing the CFA designation lol! but then I stumbled upon IFT’s video lectures and after watching his lectures, i was able to read all the Elan study notes with so much clarity.

What i found the most valuable about the IFT lectures was Mr. Irfnaullah’s teaching method - he assured that I did not simply just learn the concepts out of memorization, i understood and was able to answer why it was done the way it was. I feel that because of this teaching style, I was able to pass Level I and Level II on my first attempt. More so, due to my absolutely terrible time management and experiencing sheer panic before the exam date, I did not take any mock exams for both Level I and Level II. Obviously, I would never allow that to happen again for Level III lol but i feel that the only reason I even passed Level I and II was because the IFT video lectures taught me the concepts so well that I was able to get by without the practice and pull from my understanding of the material.

Anyway, that is my very long review of my experience! Good luck to everyone next June :slight_smile:

It looks like you sat for level 2 in 2014. Did you pass then take a year off or you did you need to retake in 2015?

Anything you would have done different in hindsight regarding studying with the IFT videos?

No retakes, I took time off…after taking Level I, I got an opportunity that I could not turn down but it was unrelated to the CFA designation Back at it now though and excited to be :slight_smile:

One thing I wish I did do differently is following the schedule that IFT suggests because 1) that way I would have been sure to have taken mock exams and 2) Mr. Irfnaullah does Q&A sessions according to the schedule. Besides that, I would not do anything differently…for both Level I and Level II, I used the IFT video lectures along with the Wiley guidelines notes and plan to do the same for Level III. The Wiley notes are really thorough with very valuable examples, but it was the IFT video lectures that allowed the Wiley notes to be so useful to me.