I have a Q for you… (this is under the assumption that you actually know/do > 50% of what you have professed on this board) Is there a list somewhere of which schools ARE the ones that our industry respects/ targets? I went to a very small private school that is not a household name- and I was not on the Finance track (school specialized in gov/econ… I was on gov side) so not too familiar with how things were for those ppl although I do know that GS, Lehman, and ML recruited there … when they existed! Is it safe to assume that my alma mater would make it through these filters you mention?


You mean do I have a list of schools that are most represented in the industry? I do, for hedge funds only though. I think I posted a list a while back but I’ll update it with the info I’ve gathered since then and repost. BTW, what is this “under the assumption that you actually know/do” crap?? BTW x 2, when are you going to log into facebook again??

yeah but by shear volume I doubt it’ll be there… I’ll assume I’m ok since I’m one of those humanities majors that managed to get hired at a good asset mngr :slight_smile: facebook is too self indulgent… I’m over it :frowning:

So where do you post your pics now?