you make a pledge yet? i’m going to hop up a level and sign it- give me the heads up. it’s on brother. my 2 year stint in L2 is officially ending in 6 days. i will sign it in ink this year. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF MY L3 HOMIES AND HOMIE-ETTES. I will be very excited to see you all crush this next weekend and get to enjoy life again.

Thanks. I know you’ll rock Level II. btw, its no wonder why I thought you were a dude for all of last year - you write like one of the guys…I don’t know that a girl has ever called me “homie” or “brother” (um, except my sister).

bannis, it comes out tomorrow around 7:54. You’ll tear it up this year!

Bannisja is a girl…???

mcpass… bro. ofcourse she’s a girl. although she knows sports better than most dudes… best of luck bannisja. i know you’re going to kill it. we missed you up here this year.

I have been working side-by-side with Bannisja since level 1 in 2007 and never realized this. Shame on me. We’ve missed you here Bannisja, go kill it this year and next year I want you to knock L3 off its feet the very first time.

Why “of course”? I felt like she was hanging out in the guys locker room with us, and all of a sudden she took her jersey off and WHOAAAAAAAAAA

Talking about the level 2 gang, is Dinesh also on course to go and humiliate the exam on Saturday?

yeah i’m a girl. facebook cleared that up for smarshy. still feeling a bit anxious only b/c you just never know what the test holds in store, but it’s been solid 70’s/80’s so far for this kid on my mocks/samples/whatevers. if that isn’t enough to get it done, well sh*t, i don’t know what is. i’ve missed you guys also. decent crop of newbies down there but i have to admit, not even close to the big guns that are on this level. for that alone i could pass- my competition doesn’t seem quite as stiff this year. 6 or so more days- the end is in sight. let’s do this.

and yes, dinesh is golden. he learned his lesson- all nighters are a bad idea. with a bit of sleep, he’s a lock for all over 70%'s.

btw, for all you unlucky bastards who aren’t friends with her on facebook, she is extremely cute (meant only with respect, Bannisja…) Now bang the mofo out and come on up to LIII. It’s nice up here. I’ll probably stick around next year, because I can’t seem to dislodge my head from my ass.

Facebook is a big thing in Boston?

facebook is a big thing in all of the united states, my friend. get on it.

Just for the cool kids. And the dorky 38 year olds with kids of their own who were kind of cool in the early-mid 90’s.

smarshy do you post pictures of yourself when you were 28 like i do? lol. sans wife? i’m kidding ofcourse.

I would, but we didn’t have digital pictures then!! I’d have to f’ing SCAN a picture in.


yeah if anyone wants to be my friend, i think most of you know my real name or email me at bannisja at gmail dot com and i’m happy to find and friend you. i avoided facebook for the longest time, but now it’s another great study procrastination tool in my toolbelt. smarsh- you’re passing. i don’t expect or want to study with any of you ever again. a’ight, time for me to go review my mock exam.

Thanks for the luck bannis and all the very best to you. This time you are going to rock it and so will dinesh

we should open a AF Study Freaks network on Facebook.