I'm a cheater

I noticed a Schweser exam for 7 minutes where you had to agree/disagree with three statements. Obviously, you get 1 point for agreeing or disagreeing and two for the explanation if you disagree. Meaning that 1 is correct. Is CFAI this stupid as well?

maybe you get a half a point for agreeing or disagreeing and 5.5 points for the explanation?

not according to the schweser grading explanation

nope. first, they would have given 9 points for the problem. second, they would give you the full 3 points if you circle correct and don’t require any explanation.

hm so if you doubt between correct and incorrect, you will go for correct because if that’s true, you get 3 points where as you would put incorrect you would get a maximum of 1 since you don’t have a clue.


I really can’t see circling “correct” being worth 3 points, while circling “incorrect” is only worth 1 point. I think mcpass nailed it the first time. If you know 2 of them are incorrect for sure and are on the fence with the 3rd, it’s correct.