I'm afraid this test is going to crush me

Jesus Christ, nothing like L1. Granted, I have been much less motivated this year than I was last year, but there is just so much more information packed into L2 I’m afraid I wont get it all. I plan on taking practice exams next weekend, I have the entire week from work to study. I really f**ked up with my approach this year by deciding not to take practice quizzes after each study session. Just reading through the books wont allow the information to sink in. I hope to god I pass.

not sure if this helps, but I did take each SS test on Q bank after reading Secret Sauce SS’s and still has not helped me…if you do the questions right after the readings, the stuff is too fresh and you will most likely than not get it right anyway, and I am not sure how effective is the actual repetition of the concepts back to back.

Right now I have gone through 13 practice exams ~50 questions each. I do the practice questions with the books in front of me since I have forgotten all this crap even after reading secret sauce. This is one beast of a test, it really makes L1 look like a walk in the park. I think for the most part concept wise I will be stronger than in quant, so this coming weekend, on Saturday probably, I will dedicate the entire day to memorizing formulas. Even though people say not to do it I think it will help me and even drive home concepts since with some you can flesh them out with the formulas. I need to pass this fu**er, failure just cannot be an option, it’s unfathomable and would crush me.