I'm back, any advice?

I passed level one in 2002. Got pregnant, had my daughter the month before writing the level two exam in 2003. Didn’t pass, decided to focus on being a mom. Now I’m ready to devote the time to studying. I’m rusty! Should I review the level one material or just charge straight into the level two material?

Probably a lot would have changed in level 1 curriculum since 2002. It may be a good idea to quickly run over current summarized L1 material from Elan’s 11th Hour Guide or Schweser’s Secret Sauce. I have heard Elan’s 11th hour guide is relatively cheap and effective. Other than that you should be able to plunge in directly into the L2 material. Good Luck!

some of the schweser packages come with a level 1 refresher (check on ebay if you dun intend to buying the entire package, somebody maybe selling the books individually). that could be very helpful.

Welcome back!! I am in the same boat. I have still not decided if I want to take 2011 exams. So, I got 2010 CFAI books from Amazon ($60) and started reading them. I am not rushing through study material, so far it looks OK.

^ are you related to Jay, CFA?

IMO lvl one refereshers are not necessary. I never reviewed any of lvl I to pass lvl II. but that’s just me… all I had was a basic foundation of knowledge for lvl I, i don’t remember any of the formulas per se. But i would strictly focus on Lvl II and study towards the end! if u start too early u end up forgetting everything. good luck!

i wrote level 1 in 2005 and level 2 in 2010 (passed). it was a long gap so i suffered the most on the material that i hadn’t used at work in the interim (which was FRA mostly). i didn’t really review level 1 stuff but probably should have. if you use the content for your job you probably don’t need to review, but if not, a quick review will help. you could even do it section by section - begin with a level 1 review, then on to level 2 material. just a thought!

For me, I am no genius but I am one of the most hardworking people you will ever come a across. I am resitting Level 2 again. Last outing I did not deserve to pass because I did not put in the hours required. So, this is my stategy: >Ensure I put in at least two hours every week day & eight hours on the weekend. >Read,make short notes & do EOC questions from September to end of March. >For this month I am going through Schwesser Level 1 notes to refresh myself. >Will also employ audio notes for use when I am in transitting from home to work and back and when I am working out. >Will not read in order but rather alternate among all subjects. That is one study session per subject then move to the next subject and do one study session and move to the next subject. I will do this so I can get a feel of all materials. Will also always do a refresher with audio notes once I return to do the next study session in the specific subject. >From April to D-day I will read schwesser summarized notes, ran through the audio notes, do EOC questions again, schwesser practise exams , & MOCKS exams. >Plan to get at least 15 days of my work leave to maximize the last days to D-day. With this I should be able to cover close to 500 hours of study between September and March. My only concern is, BURNOUT & INFROMATION OVERLOAD!!! Your thoughts?

Hey, I think you should refresh 2010 level I refresher notes at least once before kick off the level 2 study. I have the Schweser 2010 level 1 refresher notes (pdf). It mainly designed for those who need the quick through level 1 before starts the level 2. Email me if you need. charlie.hu622@gmail.com. Good Luck !