I'm back

Jet lagged, but back in the game. My crypto currency is going woop right now… feeling wealthy, hung and handsome…

Damn… 90% of men wish they were me.

The longer this goes on, the more I think you are a parody account


I estimate that 3/4 WC accounts are parodies to begin with. That’s why so many conversations here escalate into competitions of who has the most outrageous positions or personal anecdotes.

pokhim did you pokher? hahahaaaa

ohai are you a parody? lol cuz i pretty much keep it real.

if anything i use this as a soundboard.

fool, did you bang that Asian chick? If not, then loser!

no i didn’t bang her… I’m unlikely to bang her… i was just telling ya’ll a true story to get that shiz off my chest…

you can’t do that bro. More you talk about it more you want that puyss. Wait for the Christmas party!

Is there some way you can do it, such that she doesn’t remember? Then you won’t have any guilt. Just throwing that out there as a suggestion.

Update the AF brotherhood once you spill your seeds on that VAG. Go RAW!