I'm back

I wasn’t even sure I was going to take the exam again after a demoralizing defeat last August. This is my first post since the results came out. But after a discussion with wife, kids and employer, I have decided 2009 is my year. I will help out where I can (over 70% on FSA and corp finance) and will lean on y’all in quant and derivatives. I have seen a few changes from last year, but overall I feel like I have a good head start. Can’t say “Glad to be back,” but I do look forward to passing in June, 2009.

Good luck. Think I’ll be back for 2010.

i am glad that you’re back eleven. you’re not just going to pass, you’re going to dominate. i’m in the same boat- not glad i’m back here, but we’ll do what we need to do and crush this thing. turkish, i hopefully will be up a level by 2010. :slight_smile: