I'm back!

It’s been about two plus years since I’ve been on the forums, so I thought I’d come back and see how everyone is doing. Who is around from the 2006-2009 time period?

Those were the golden years!

Welcome back!

I am currently an investment manager in the fixed income area, so any questions on those areas would probably be most biggest value add or contribution to the board.

2006-2009 ehhh good memories

2006 to 2009 … good memories, I probably changes 3 id’s in that timeframe. Welcome back.

As you can see, you’ve missed a whole lot. Here is a list of items to search in order to get up to speed.

  1. qqqbee

  2. M&A’in on the Buyside

  3. Strip Clubs, In THIS economy, and Trophy Wives

  4. Online Dating

  5. Power of Oneness

That should suffice to get you back on the AF train. Welcome back bud.

not to forget the whole kardashian movement this forum been crazy about…

QQQbee is the most overrated and silly gimmick. Don’t waste your time searching for that.

I agree it could be tough to understand after the fact, it definitely has “you had to be there” potential. But still, it was simply amazing as it was going on. Still can’t believe how long that thread was!