I'm done and good luck

Guys, I wish you all the very best on saturday!! I appreciate the help from everyone in AF I’m just browing the curriculum a couple of hours and reading my ethics notes in the morning and just relaxing. My brain cant take it anymore, i’ve done roughly 500+ hours, done solely cfai curriculum (read twice), done all EOC three times, passmaster, old schesser problems, mocks, samples…I am happy I have put in the necessary work for seeing that PASS in two months, it all comes down to me against the beast so I will rested and ready to rumble. Omar, please dont score 100, miss a couple of questions on purporse for your friends in AF Good luck again!

Good luck to you sir!

I second Guille. Come on Omer look out for your AF boys and gals. You know we would do the same for you.

Good luck! I’m out as well. Hope everyone does great!