I'm done

You guys know that ‘gullible’ isn’t actually listed in a dictionary right?

I’m in the same boat as you! I was actually done with the practice exams in February… The best way to spend the remaining month would to go over the end-of-the-chapter questions on Schweiser and look for mistakes/typos (I’ve found several) and post them on this board, as I have been doing for the past three months.

wake2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Dreary Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > Read all CFAI books two times, plus all end of > > chapter problems for all study sessions. I > also > > read all Schweser stuff at least three times, > and > > finished Qbank completely two times, now in the > > middle of the 3rd review. But I only did about > > half of Stalla, half of 7city, and a little of > > QTraining. Also, did one Mock, plus one > sample, > > three full exams from previous years, and just > > today wrapped up reviewing all relevant AF > posts. > > Trouble is I have a little over a month before > the > > exam, and I’m not sure what to spend it on. > Any > > suggestions? > > > the funny thing is that im sure there are people > out there who have done all this already. Although reading the material more than once and doing a lot of questions will increase your chances of passing, it really matters what your mental and physical condition is on JUNE 6, 2009. if you pass and i don’t i may implement your “crazy-no-life-but-study” strategy. good luck to you.

Some people were done with readings way back in May…of 2008, lol.

I’m about to finish CFAI text for the 6th time and my 2nd lap through qbank… too bad im only scoring 58 %

perhaps, that guy was made in india or china as those folks are kinda nerdy

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Congratulation dreary - for such an intensive preparation. Get up, do some vacation and relax a few days. Best regards cfaisok P.S. I already read one cfai-book. :slight_smile:

sounds like you’ve peaked too early mate… unlucky

I’m from India dawg…trust me, we ain’t that nerdy aight? :stuck_out_tongue: On seeing this post, I kinda wish we were though…I’d give my a pinky to be done with my prep. I have like 300 hours to go in my prep… :frowning:

Aimingfor100% Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > sounds like you’ve peaked too early mate… unlucky You can do it, Dennis, because you’re a winner. You haven’t peaked. You haven’t even begun to peak, but you’re gonna peak today. Oh, you’re gonna peak all over everybody.

To all those who are saying WTF to dreary’s post: The good news is that you can take this exam next year also, the bad news is that all you got and all you’ve got is 32 days to pass it this year, starting with tonight’s sit. A, A for Always B, B for Be S, S for Studying Always be Studying. A = A for Attention I = I for Interest D = D for Decision A = A for Action AIDA A = Attention, have this exam got my attention? I = Interest, are you interested? I know you are, cuz its fail or pass. If fail sit again, if pass drink beer. D = Decision, have you @#$%& made your decision to study for Christ!! A = and Action. Go kill the exam! AIDA = go study hard. you think you pass CFA L2 without studying? you think CFAI will grant you a waiver. a man doesn’t register for it lest he doesn’t want the charter bad. CFAI is out there waiting to grant you the charter. Are you going to take it? Have you studied enough to earn it?

Dreary, Would you mind discussing some CAFI questions with me? I finished all the questions behind the readings, still I have some doubts. Maybe you can test your understanding level by “coaching” or “consulting” more… Thx

lame glengarry glenross reference pepp

its not lame, its the best motivating speech ever in the history of movies. too bad not too many ppl have seen it.

Hello! Hello! The post was a joke, read my earlier replies… sheesh, people just read te first post in a thread and go on commenting. Trust me, though, I would have posted this had I really done all that reading. I would love to brag about this.