I'm facing the bottle for all of my problems These Instagram models are nothing but trouble! Who is hotter?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKVBLu1zkog She’s going away now, I’m going full throttle All these Instagram models, I said they’re nothing but trouble

the two most heavily promoted chicks on my snapchats, who is hotter:



demi rose mawby or emily ratjowski

also top paid instagram models:


kylier jenner makes a million buck per post!

They seem nice.

Nery, what differentiates these quality individuals for you from other Instagram models? Is it face, tits, butt, or their educated views on politics and epistemology?

^ Yeah, pistomolojee and stuff.

they are heavily promoted by daily mail. there is always a story about them doing something provacative at some area. these instagram models need likes or they starve so be sure to support. anyways lets rate them:

demi is definitely more curvy and a part of the thick is in trend. she doesnt go overboard like some disgusting people. but she straddling it.

emily has the modelesque look about her. skinny with a slight hint of curvaciousness partly due to her skinny frame accentuated by her enormous assets. i actually think she is better and has a more ethnic look than demi.

political views change as easily as the wind shifts direction. it is very dynamic and not eternal, hence it is not something i value. natural beauty though is god given. for example, when ariana grande licked a donut and said i hate america probably alluding to its obesity, she earned everyone’s hate. but not mine, her beauty is given by divine right, she is at the top of the pyramind hence her words are beyond contestation.

beauty and attraction is prolly the only absolute thing i know that we can all easily acknowledge but not necessarily define.


what a man wants!

Reading shit like this makes me think of the Roman Empire, how decadence and the society’s lack of long term direction played a role in its downfall. Maybe in 1000 years, someone’s going to point back to these kinds of articles and argue that the West’s cultural hegemony took its first steps towards the abyss when some tits-and-ass chick could make more money with one Instagram post than a middle-class worker in a year.

But anyways, #2 is hotter.

But can she cook?

I saw an large advertisement for Calvin Klein underwear in a mall in Hong Kong. It was these 3 western ladies standing and posing in their underwear. I heard this older chinese lady ask her daughter who these models are, they are not pretty, and the daughter looks but doesn’t know. I walked over and read the writing on the poster and it said – something “Kardashian, kardashian and kylie jenner”. It was funny because the ad was such a huge miss for this audience.

lol perhaps they lack the aesthetic intelligence. The only culture I like about China is dim sum

Really? But aren’t most of the richy rich Phils actually Chinese? Like the SM Group guy – Mr. Sy?

thats true. its either them or the spanish mestizos. but in any case, just because people are rich, doesnt mean they have an appealing culture.



She seems nice.


whos your favorite!

They all seem nice.

you know theres this site tagthesponsor they do “thot audits” on instagram models statuses… interesting stuff


9. Sveta Bilyalova

Nerdy, please evaluate!!! Tanks!


cant tell from photo! anyways my top 10 faves are 3, 10, 13, 17, 36, 56, 64, 70, 84, 96

#9 reminds me of a younger mexican version of sandra bullock!

or a roselyn sanchez https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsC0dqIg9BQ

Ay, mijo!!! Stick with your fiancee!!!