I'm going to KG this exam

First I’m going to blow a handful of talcum powder in my wife’s face after I get dressed, then I’m going to point to all of my neighbors front doors and let out a giant scream, then I going to bang my head into the front door of the Boston Convention Center a few times to get it going. I need someone to play the role of James Posey and give me a big hug and pep talk right before I enter the hall. Any volunteers? Then it’s time to drop a triple double on the CFAI’s ass!!! BEAT LA! BEAT CFAI! BEAT 70!

I will be there

Nice! I like your style, but I can’t afford to duplicate it. I’m afraid if I bump my head on anything I’ll scramble the method for finding the PV of remaining fixed payments in a swap … and it took too long to get it in their to begin with. But good luck with that. I wish you and everyone else the best. I’m going to hang it up in a sec.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about… http://youtube.com/watch?v=XtPzFbNzenk&feature=related

after the exam i am going to pound my chest 3 times as hard as I can, dropkick the proctor and walk off into the sunset. BEAT LA!! (be thankful there wasn’t a game on tonight)