Im in love with the coco. part 2. zico coconut water.

i buy it by the boatload! at costco. i tried the kirkland version and it sucks. but this zico stuff is gratata

I thought this was in reference to the Hong Kong born pop singer, Coco Lee.

I thought this was going to be a thread about ICE-T’s wife, and that’s the only reason I clicked.

I thought it was going to be about how nery found out how to buy coke in bulk.

^wait for part 3 when i go on my epic colombros trip!

the dreaammmmmmm

Girl I’m in love with you baby And I want you to know That I’m hooked on your body And I’m trying to be yours Radio Killer! Yessir! We beat it up like gorillasTrick, where you at? Oh Yessir! Bikini Hour!

an informative analysis:

Anybody remember this? I tried to find the thread, but just found the Youtube video instead.

Yeah Zico is good. I like it.

When I’m at home I’ve been buying coconuts and fleshing them. I throw away 15% as they smell weird. So disappointing.