i'm just staring blankly at my notes

I’m not really doing anything…I can’t retain any information right now. I just feel exhausted and my mind is a mess. It doesn’t feel like an organised mess or anything.

Not sure what to do right now…Feel like giving up on studying and hoping for the best on Saturday…I’ve learnt a fair bit, but will I pass? I really don’t know…

Kinda in the same boat! I find I just want to browse the forum and read articles. Thinking about just picking a random part of ethics and reading it really throroughly. Maybe I can squeeze out an add’l question. I don’t know though… Feel like we know or we don’t at this point.

In the same boat…I am just reviewing the 2013 mock for nuances and going over curriculum EOC summaries for minutia as well

Hey man, same here. Except my mind is well rested because I don’t stress myself out over stuff that isn’t life threatening!

What I’m doing is making sure I have as much of the FRA and some Econ stuff crammed in my short term memory as possible. The other stuff I actually tried to learn for long term retention, but some of the FRA Pension Rules and Econ stuff just has to be crammed. So I’m writing/rewriting formulas and understanding the concepts behind them. And just going through CFAI EOCs and taking vignettes again, to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything.

I still think chances are I may be studying for this level again next year. But I think my chances have decreased significantly this past week as I’ve reached my “peak”

Just relax. Being well rested and not exhausted is very important IMO

focus on memorization today and tomorrow. short term association stuff - granted youve studied enough to understand the concepts

I hear you, im on “vacation” and I just spent the past five days (including today) doing every single question from the six Schweser tests and 2012 and 2013 mocks, topic-by-topic. Today I’m finishing up with FRA and I’m done. At the end of these marathon days, I find myself blankly staring an AWFUL lot!

Tomorrow I’m getting up really early (so that I might be really tired tomorrow night) and lightly reading through the answer keys for the 2012 and 2013 mocks.

good luck, all!

…my notes are blank… hahahaha its all in my head

Not a bad exercise… just made an excel template with five different sections…

Op Lease/capital lease lessee

op lease/finance lease lessor

capitalizing vs expensing


temp/currrent rate

I made the side column each of the components, so EBIT, NI early, COGS, etc… whatever is relevant and just went through and put higher or lower (except curr. translation - put avg, current, etc…). Reading something in your notes is one thing. Forcing yourself to make a call one way or the other really makes sure you know it.

Quizlet is good for that

I do this kind of stuff on my white board, helps a lot with the concepts and where things go

you are one hell of a guy…salute

You aren’t alone. I seem to have forgotten a lot of stuff that was easy for me a couple weeks ago on the equity valuation front and am sort of bummed. Hope to do a refresher on the major topics to see if things will click.

I took this morning off and rode my bike 40 miles and it seemed to clear my head and help my mood a little after studying about 20hrs the past 2 days. I felt defeated yesterday but at the end of the day I’m not that desperate to pass this year. Not the end of the world if I have to come back next year. I have a job, wife and kids. It is just a test.