I'm known by name different to my passport name

If I’m printing new business card and update my email name title, can I designate CFA with my preferred first name?

e.g, if my passport name is Adam Brown, but I’m known as Charlie in my society, can I use Charlie Brown, CFA?

You should use the same name as it is registered on CFA member portal. That’s because everyone should be able to check your status.

There is a procedure for change such basis personal details.

Thanks Flashback

I’d just put “Charlie” or whatever people call you. Who is going to check your CFA status on the website? Why would they even care? Even if they find an issue, you can easily explain that your registered name is different - many people do this. Seems to me that establishing your brand name within the industry is more important than these minor registration concerns.

Why bother with CFA designation? Put the following on your card:

Charlie, Peanuts

and the investors will drool with pleasure.

OP, dude don’t worry about it…this is CFA…you’re not working for some aerospace & defense firm working on the next generation smart bombs. No one is going to check your name and get all suspicious about it…do whatever you want.

I would check as I like check everything. Not only name, even his social network profiles if any.

You should check. Not because you have any suspicion about people, but no check, no confiance, harmful in long-term to CFA Charterholders community.

Checking is your duty!

Charter holders should not attach the designation to an anonymous or fictitious name. Doing so maybe seen as trying to conceal their identity. This is certainly a misrepresentation. I think it will be a better practice to display like this: Adam (Charlie) Brown, CFA.

Similar situation for this guy, who is supposed to sit for LIII next year.

Despite the notoriety of his birth name, he asks friends to address him by a different nickname.


Although funny, that must be some kind of a prank. Singapore’s main lagnguage is English and someone would name their kid Batman?

if you’re Richard Smith, CFA >> its ok to use Dick Smith, CFA

nicknames are ok… but the charter needs to have full legal name

If I’m Ivan Ivanovich, CFA, may I represent my self as John Holmes, CFA?

My Stage name.:slight_smile:

If your last name is Suparman, you pretty much have to go with Batman.



As a former resident of Singapore, I can assure you the “Suparman” surname is actually not uncommon. Pronounced “Su-par-mahn,” the name is common among Javanese Singaporeans and has roots in the Sanskrit word for “good” and “fortunate,” which is appropriate enough for a name so close to that of the Man of Steel. The “Bin” is used in Arabic to mean “son of” (it’s the same pronunciation as “Ibn,” which is used only in the beginning of a sentence or proper name, such as Ibn Xu’ffasch, or the “Son of the Bat” character seen in Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come).

However, language expert Ben Zimmer believes the “Batman” component of the Singaporean man’s name is unique. “Batman, on the other hand, has no false friends in local languages (as far as I’m aware). And the character of Batman is almost as well known in the region as Superman, so it’s hard to imagine any source other than the DC Comics superhero,” Zimmer wrote in 2008.

Zimmer’s blog post links to other sites which verify the existence of Batman bin Suparman, and features comments from Singaporeans with additional testimony that the ID card is not a fake. Indeed, several commenters claim to have met Suparman or know people who have, including one gentlemen who served his compulsory national service with Suparman, whose first name he said is pronounced “Bhat-mahn.”

Superman, CFA is in confrontation with Code of Ethics because it may leave appearance that such named charterholder is able to reach superior returns. Thus, Batman, CFA, imo, shuld be more adequate.