I'm Leaving LII Forum

This is my last post here, I’m transferring over to LIII (but I’m going into quiet mode for a several weeks…wife is 8.5 months pregnant). This board made LII bearable, and ultimately successful for me, and I want to thank those of you who helped me. Ironically, I could not have passed without the help of some people who didn’t pass themselves. My condolences to those who fell short. You’ll be fine in '09. By the way…up in LIII forum? They have leather chairs and free soda. It’s pretty sweet. Just a little motivation for ya.

Smarshy, You have come so far. At one point all you wanted to do was start a thread that lasted more than one page…then you became the king of mult-page threads. Now you have one about 9 pages deep and your headed to level III. I look forward to working with you. Good luck with the new little one.

Lol, I’m following, and to those who aren’t please poke your head in once in awhile or at the very least drop me an email.

right behind you guys.

Smarshy: Congrats on the upcoming tax deduction. Why haven’t you mentioned the free massages? Seriously, to all the old gang who were near misses - I’m sure you’ll nail it this time. I’ll be back around to put my $0.02 in from time to time. Payback and all that.

Lead the way Smarshy!!!

Do they have reserved seats?

mcpass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Do they have reserved seats? Only if you passed with all sections > 70% and use JDV’s name.