I'm not sure if I trust this "Doctor Web"

“Apple Mac Computers Hit in Hacker Attack, Researcher Says”


“The attack affects computers running Apple’s Mac OS X software, according to Russian antivirus software maker Doctor Web.”

“Boris Sharov, Doctor Web’s chief executive officer, said in an interview that the spread of the infection appears to have leveled off at around 600,000 computers, a sign of the effectiveness of the security patch. He pointed to a Doctor Web page for detecting and removing the malicious software, which is called BackDoor.Flashback.39.

Hmm… I wonder who benefits from this malware that mysteriously appears? I think I will purchase some antivirus software while I ponder this question.

+1 for CEO Boris.

I heard Boris, the guy who works with a number of AFers taking care of problematic people, recently had twins and wanted to settle down a little bit, doing less demanding things. It’s said he still works in the “remove undesirable entities” line of business, so maybe it’s the same Boris, although with him you never know.

Now I hope he’s not coming after me for revealing his stuff.