I'm out, meet you guys back here 7am EST tomorrow


barthezz signing out too. for a couple of hours at least. will be back in 3-4 hrs… :slight_smile:

I’m out too 5 more readings to go and i can start practice questions phew

I just started!! - Deciding to do MBS/ABS/CDO/CMO/spread/HELOC’s/CDS… bla

The night is young…well I have about another hour in me tonight. Then up at 7AM again tomorrow for some more punishment.

Just had three beeeeeeers. Totally re-energized by Lisa Marie and Houston (thank you ladies). I’m gonna get taight with Boston tomorrow AM!

took some tylenol PM last night around 10:30, fast asleep soon afterward. Woke up at 5:30. Might as well start. I wonder when starbucks opens.