I'm so excited

Because even if I totally bomb this effing exam, 24 hours from right now it will be OVER. My anxiety about the test is matched by my excitement that its almost over.

I am totally seek, I cannot sleep, drink, eat. I smoke heavily and I am tired, and I drink so much coffee that I can almost feel it running through my veins. So I feel you.

hope you can make it tomorrow to the test center map1…lol

i start the exam in 10 and a half hours

if i were you, i would be sleeping already

I hope I will, though in Chicago we have snow advisory, cold, and 1800 candidates:)

i’m signing out… good night and best of luck to all!

hey map u drivin to mccormick? is it advisable to take a bus/train combo there tomm mornin? if not, i’ll drive, its about 20 mins from my pal’s place.

No, not me, I will not drive tomorrow, but my husband is going to drive me. I really don’t need the stress of driving, finding a parking place, running to get there in time. It is his right time to stress!:slight_smile:

lawl i guess ill either do a 2/3 bus/train combo or plain old $$$ cab.

I would take the cab if I were you, on saturdays even CTA rests!:slight_smile: Well, some of the routes:)

If you bomb this effing exam it will not be over…you will have to go through all that studying again in a couple of months. unless of course you plan to quit.

I’m so excited I could hang myself