I'm SO proud of our congress!!!

And I’m a twisted cynic if ever there was one!.

here, here

My lame ass congressman Henry Waxman voted FOR the bailout despite my recent letters and phone calls. He’s a dork.

Virigin, could you post a link which shows the roll call of vote?

Yes, I’m pretty psyched myself. I’ve been keeping it on the DL because my class here is all pro-bailout. I’ve always been a cynic as well, and I am blown away by the effort they are making to truly understand this crisis and make the best possible long term decision while exercising discipline and ignoring fear mongering.

Happy about this too! Good job boys!

My head is spinning. Maybe I wanted them to pass this bill so I could call them idiots. I’m really confused.

i am pretty chuffed as well - this was like a gift from nowhere. getting a little fund ready to buy financials once the useless schmucks who caused all this get booted out. heads must roll, blood must flow, before we forgive and forget

Well Joey I’ll do ya one better. I WAS hoping they would pass the bill so I could do a lap around the office and complain to people. Willy

All I know is that Barney Frank is donkey.

This is labeled something else but the time & the vote results line up. I got it off of the front page of the ny times website so it’s good: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2008/roll674.xml

Salute republicans

It’s a little scary now when you watch c-span and all the blowhards are talking about historic moments and thanking God. I feel like they’re sending us to war. Maybe they are.

can someone give me the reasons why the bill SHOULD NOT have been passed? sure it wasn’t perfect but are you guys advocating a do-nothing strategy? am i the only one on here who thinks that when banks stop lending to each other and to businesses, and when businesses stash money in treasuries instead of with banks who can then send the money out into the economy promoting growth that we are in serious trouble? LONG GOLD, SHORT CONGRESS

We are definitely in serious trouble and do-nothing is very bad. I don’t think anybody is advocating do-nothing (except maybe Virgin who wants to pick up some assets on the cheap in a decimated economy).

the problem without this bill is that it will take the buffoons in congress weeks to put anything together now. how many more banks go under in the next month? how many more banks decide to reign in lending. how many businesses will go under from this cessation of lending? the problem is that the people on main street won’t feel this until it’s too late.

I think I’m going to join the Marines to avoid the breadlines…

market in free fall. are you guys serious in being happy with congress right now?

i think now is a good time to join the Peace Corps and come back in 2011.

iamemmittsmith Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > market in free fall. are you guys serious in > being happy with congress right now? I’m in this camp. WTF?