I'm sure I failed! Who else is with me?

I think I came to terms with my potential FAIL result yesterday when I got totally wasted after the exam. Just drank myself silly, and I mean I got F*&$ED UP! And now its back to work. Who else thinks they have <50% chance of passing?

I think I do… depends how well I guessed…

I am pretty sure I failed. This sucks big time. I was very prepared, but got nervous and time pressured on second part and f*cked up. The worst thing is, that I have checked many of my 50% guesses and they were wrong.

I’m sorry to say, that I got creamed in the afternoon session, also. I would have to have had some extremely good guesses to stand a chance. All in all… many kudos to the 40% that pass. I am amazed at the level of difficulty in terms of breath, detail, and conceptual reasoning the Level II required. I obviously underestimated the CFA.

you killed some brain cells with your post exam drinking, hence giving us an edge next year.

oh yes, i thought the morning was tough, the pm was off the scale.

i’m with you guys…i had a sinking feeling in the afternoon