I'm trying to learn VBA, can you guys recommend some books?

Would you recommend the excel VBA dummies book? What else?

the dummies book is big on making sure you know the vba jargon and terminology. it needs to do a better job of walking you through how to write code, opposed to just showing you end results.

Excel 2007 power programming with vba

John Walkenbach - he wrote the dummies book which is a great for getting started. There are some basic things you need to understand. Then you need to get acquainted with the record macro function. Record whatever you want to do, open VBA editor - that helps a lot.

Should I get a VBA 2007 book or VBA 2003 book? It seems that a lot of firms are still using excel 2003? I’m not sure what to do, because if I go for a job and they use 2007, I wouldn’t be able to use it 100%, although I guess most of the skills would be transferable to 2007. I heard Microsoft is getting rid of VBA? Any truth?

Programming is a “transferable skill” so it wouldn’t matter much if you would have to learn another language in a couple of years. I first learned programming in RPG IV, the popular AS/400 and iSeries programming language, if you know what that is. My thoughts are: If you learn Excel 2003 you will still be able to use all of your skillset in a Microsoft 2007 environment. The basics will be the same, it’ll have to be since there would otherwise be compatibility problems. I’d go for Excel 2003. It would also have to do with the fact that I have 2003 installed on my computer(s). As for choice of book: I’d go to a bookshop and simply flick through the available books on VBA and choose the one I liked the best. There are so many books, so many learning styles. Take one (or two) with plenty of good examples and excerpts of code, do & learn the examples. They’ll become the backbone of your future programming skills.