I'm using my old schweser books

Cause I’m loco.

i have been noticing a few sections that indicate they are new for the 2009 exam. just this morning i reviewed 35 pages (Reading 70- Taxes and Private Wealth Management in a Global Context). “This topic review is new for 2009 and has a great deal of testable material” there have been other sections in the readings like this. better try to obtain this somehow if your using old texts. There are like 25 formulas regarding taxes in this section.

storko- i’ve tried to do what i can to post up difference i’ve seen 2008 vs 2009 or schwes’ vs CFAI. quant none- it’s exactly the same word for word econ wasn’t huge- BOP is much bigger this year- look over that in the CFAI books FSA SS5 I think virtually identical. SS6- i posted something this past weekend I think on multinationals- take a quick look and then just look at the CFAI books for the new stuff. That’s as far as I’ve come so far. I’ll try to hook you up best I can with any new stuff I spot from last year. I mean, we can’t fail again. That just would hurt. So I’ll help a bruva (to use a zimzim term) out.


Hey guys, pay close attention to the LOS!! And…even when the readings look the same, several have be “updated”, especially the examples, etc…and many of the LOS have been increased and/or changed, eg Time Series… not to mention new readings treating the same topics, eg FSA This is not the year to use old materials, IMHO

Used 2006 material for most of 2007 and passed comfortably, did get my hands on 2007 material a couple of months before the exam though.

go4it has some relationship with Schweser. An author search will reveal as much. Doesn’t necessarily invalidate what is said, but post should be weighted accordingly. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong go4it.

me too cause I’m fou

Chrismaths, I have no relation to Schweser but I do pay attention to details

Chrismaths, after re-reading my original post above, I realized I was talking about the CFAI books but topic here was old Schweser books…sorry about that, I guess I don’t pay THAT much attention to details LOL

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