Imagine you have the right to exercise..

Imagine you have the right to exercise an option you have to revive a dead beloved person for 15 minutes and the option expires within a year of purchase date. How would you spend those 15 minutes and what questions would you ask?

JFK; asking him if he & bobby really had a devils threeway with Marilyn

What’s the strike price?

I thought this thread was about making fun of fat chicks.

Probably a figure from a major religion… not sure which one yet but I bet you could charge admission, book appearances and make some bank.

Hitler, Will record a 15min video of him. Then sell every minute for millions.

Sylvester Stallone, put a black band on his head, take a selfie with him (or is he still alive? last time he looked dead)

Roland Regan, ask him about raising taxes, then will blackmail the GOP.

Jeanne d’Arc, will ask her what type of crack she was taking.

Am I the only one who would want to see a relative? Like a grandparent who passed away too early, or a great grand parent who you never got to meet but heard so much about?

This would be too painful. No?

So? Would you pass up the opportunity just because it’s painful?

Not sure, but

the worst part of losing a beloved one is, losing a beloved one.

But it’s like getting a second chance. Of course there is a price attached. It would still be worth it for me

In Islam Jesus wasn’t killed and he’s still alive in the Sky

If I call for Jesus and he doesn’t appear:

  • Muslims will say: we’re right, he didn’t come because he wasnt dead to start with.

  • Christians will say: we’re right, he didn’t come because he’s god. Hallelujah

  • Jews will say: don’t worry about it, it had a small glitch, give us 5 bucks and we’ll fix it for you. We’ll bring the kid and his mother

  • Atheists will say: we’re right, he didn’t come because he never existed

  • A wise person will say: guys, this was just a hypothetical question by Bilal.

major logic flaws - this must be a joke or something.

I myself would ask for Eve and take a selfie.