3-1/2 weeks from now and a bit of a tailwind on exam day – and we’re out of this jail for good!

dont tempt fate…it is short tempered

the idea that this could be my last month of CFA studying EVER… getting my memorial days back… getting my evenings after work back… my weekends back… oh lord, it’s like entering heaven.

If i failed, I could probably cry on command.

I feel burnt already and I started in March! I don’t know what’s going to fuel me for the next 3.5 weeks to keep it going. I have a lot left and still have to take a practice exam!

Overwhelmed with the curriculum. Reading one books, forgets me all remainder books. Not sure how to bring it all torether on the EXAM day?

Only way to pull it together is countless pract tests and reviewing everything cumulatively rather than one at a time. Trust me.

Cant wait! Day after the exam Radiohead comes to town too, no better way spend the day after the exam than at tthat show!

Time to be cumulative…It’s way to go.

Challenges: 6 CFAI books, 5 Notes books, 1000 slides, 1x Exams.

Thanks for the advice Mark. It’s time to do my 1st AM practice test this weekend and see how much under the water I am, 3 weeks before the exam.

NP… if this is your first one I would seriously shelve the books from here on out other than to review your test answers. Seriously, do the 07-11 morning exams, the mock, and the two paid samples at a bare minimum. You will thank me later.

All of us who posted in this thread will pass.

When the result gets out, make sure yall dig out this post and give me some credits.

thanks guys, are there any official PM sessions also available?